Anamesa catches the mediterranean spirit, with driving melodies and delicate harmonies. Using traditional instruments, the ballads of the Balkans and the lively dances of Italy and Greece will naturally come to life. 

The music of Anamesa invites you to wander over mountains and cross stormy seas, to end up at an evening full of joy, that might last until the night soothes the last listeners to sleep.


30 September private show *
22 Oktober Rode Hert Roderwolde 
* duo show

Anamesa is:
Jan-Roelof Bathoorn: accordion and voice
Leonieke Toering: voice, flute, clarinet and guitar
Jelte Fossen: strings, percussion and voice

We’d love to play at your wedding, birthday, gallery opening or festival.
Send us a message and we’ll get back to you soon!

    Anamesa has performed at: Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groninger Museum Night, Podium Verwondering Groningen, Museum de Buitenplaats Eelde, Kerk van Woltersum, Roodehaan Westeremden, Kasteel Baexem, Deichdiele Hamburg DE, Tonfink Lübeck DE, South Central Village People Gledeberg DE, Fintel Festival DE, Festival Farbenfroh Bremen DE, Anarcho Folk Fest Elgin UK, Isola La Cantine Littéraire Paris FR.